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Graham is a very experienced letterpress printer and he prints beer mats using a modern digital process and vintage letterpress machinery.
The hot metallic foiling of beer mats by special quotation is also possible


Now that I am retired, I can express myself on my own web site without fear of those with whom I disagree.

OK, so here is my view. I voted to LEAVE along with the majority. I did not indicate any preference for the manner of that leaving. I left that to my elected representative in Parliament. In that, I may have have made a mistake. I am, however, at a loss as to how better I could have acted in this. I have, of course, told my MP perfectly clearly, where I stand.

I am liberal by nature and can see no better alternative to democracy, but the Liberal Democrat Party is out of favour with me in a big way. I see their current 'REMAIN' ploicy to be neither liberal nor democratic. I have therefore let my membership lapse and feel unrepresented in Parliament. What I did not vote to do, was to leave in name only, yet remain tied to the EU in practice. I would hope that is absolutely and perfectly obvious!

As far as I understand it, the electorate voted to LEAVE in a democratic referendum.

An embarracing proportion of MP's appear to be trying to prevent BREXIT. I have always believed that MP's are there to represent their electorate. Few of them seem to be so-doing. In my contituemcy, our MP seems to belive that his opinion, different as it is to that of his electrorate, is based on a greater wisdom, comprehension or understanding and seems to feel that he has a responsibility to do what HE believes is right, whatever his constituency voters have said. His view is different to that of the majority of his electorate, as experessed in the latest referendum. Perhaps ouir loyalty and trust and trust in him was not so well placed after all. He is torn between party, personal opinion and his constituant's opinion. I honestly feel for the dilema in which he finds himself!

Our current Prime Minister seems to be doing his best to avoid the undemocratic actions of those Members of Parliament who are acting against BREXIT, and rightly so, in my opinion.

Frankly, it appears to me that politics is at an all-time low in the opinion of the electorate. Nobody can know what the outcome will be. At least, I don't. I fear the worst but hope for the best. Beyond expressing my opinion (which I hope I am still entitled to do), there is little else I can do till there is an election.

I have had to live my entire working life as a member of the EU due to loosing a referendum in the 70's. Now, in my retirement, IT'S MY TURN and that of people who agree with me on the basis of 40 odd years of experience of putting up with being in the EU. Please believe me, that is NOT an uninformed opinion! I knew exactly what I was voting for and am perfectly prepared to pay the price of our freedom.
That is the nature of democracy! .

Graham Pressman

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