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Now that I am retired, I can express myself on my own web site without fear of those with whom I disagree.

Along with a small majority, I voted leave. Of course, that does not mean:-
Customs Union with the EU
Any other non-leaving plan.

On the other hand, I am very aware that a very large number of people voted to remain. Frankly, I do empathise with those who are on the loose side. I was on the loose side in the early 70s and know very well how it feels. What I would like to say to them is that when the country voted to remain back in the early 70's, we really, non of us, had any idea what we were voting about. After all, we had only just joined and we had no experience of being in. We were still suffering the post-war thing and wanted to avoid future European war. Work conditions for millions were awful, the unions were, in their fight to improve conditions, seeming to be destroying industry and as a nation we were dependent on industry, We had the 2nd strongest industrial base in the world, producing the highest quality product. Only Germany surpassed us and the electorate felt that their supremacy had been enabled by huge input to rebuild their country post war by investment by the allies. They were able too be more efficient. That re-building never did happen here.

The UK has been a part of the EU now for a very long time. Only people over the age of 60 could possible compare in-out from experience. I rather suspect that is the reason why the second referendum was such a close call. That is the counterpart to the opinion of remainers that if we have a third referendum, we would vote to stay in, because so many younger people have grown to earn a vote and more older people, with the experience of being free have died out. That could well be true, but possibly not such a good thing as more experience has been lost in the interim. I have heard so much emotive argument over the past couple of years. I would like to put my side without emotion or violence. I don't need people to answer me or argue with me. I am just expressing my opinion, not entering into an argument.

The thing which most offends me about BREXIT is that the EU have prohibit countries wishng to leave from any form of negotiation with third countries prior to their leave date; at the same time as refusing to negotiate a deal with the country wishing to leave until after that same leave date. For the UK that leave date stands as being the 28th march 2019.

The EU have then gone on to try to negotiate as close a tie to the EU as possible for the UK, fixed in stone, in order to knoble any future trading negotiations in their favour. That is a perfect example of the reason that some UK voters want to leave. They feel bullied!

In the mean time remainers are listing things which could go wrong. For example:-
Planes can't fly
Exports by agriculture and industry might be stopped or taxed so highly as to render UK pruduce and products unafordable to EU buyers
Our driving licenses will not work in Europe
there will be insane delays at ports
Frankly the lists go on and on

The truth is that all these possibilities are largely in the hands of European beurocrates. Some will, surely, come to pass if those beurocrates get their own way. Anything to discourage other member states from leaving. Has it no always been the principle of fairness and courage which has led the UK? Should should it be now, should it now?

Did we know all this when we voted to leave? Of course we did. Its not necessary and it's not what we would have hoped for, but it is what many of us expected for the EU.

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