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Graham Pressman
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Machinery Collection
Graham is a very experienced letterpress printer and he prints beer mats using a modern digital process and vintage letterpress machinery.
The hot metallic foiling of beer mats by special quotation is also possible


Now that I am retired, I can express myself on my own web site without fear of those with whom I disagree.

We have been offerred a Deal by the EU. It's not The Prime Minister's deal it's the only deal the EU has offerred. Make no mistake! It's a deal which is simply designed to tie us into the EU for the foreseable future. IT IS NOT LEAVING! It is NOT May's deal it's The EU's deal!

Many polititians are telling us the No Deal would be disasterous. I don't believe it. Anybody who THINKS about it would see that the statement is wrong, a lie, a fabrication, a desceipt, a falsehood, fear tactics, a nd just plain B______s, by any standards I can imagine.

When so many, previously respected people distort the truth so publicly for so long, I have to ask "why would they do such a thing?" I have a number of possible suggestions
Jobs for the polititians
It makes a fortune for the 'enforcers' of EU regs
They are genuinley still fearful of European war
Fear that the UK is just a tiny nation in a big pond

My reasons for wanting out
I am sick and tired of being bullied into doing as they want
I am fed up with being skint
I am fed up with living in fear of being found to be in breach of some EU ruole or law

End for now.

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