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Now that I am retired, I can express myself on my own web site without fear of those with whom I disagree.

We have been offerred a Deal by the EU. It's not The Prime Minister's deal it's the only deal the EU has offerred. Make no mistake! It's a deal which is simply designed to tie us into the EU for the foreseable future. IT IS NOT LEAVING! It is NOT May's deal it's The EU's deal!

OK, so the PM is to resign. Was she a wolf in sheeps clothing? By that I mean was she a remainer trying to appear to be a leaver?

The results are in!
From these results we can clearly see that the nation remains completely divided in it's opinion about Europe. I make no bones, divided is divided, to paraphrase a famour saying.

Just in case you have not seen them, here are the numbers in simple numeric order:-
The Brexit Party 28 seats
Liberal Democrates 15 seats
Labour 10 seats
Green 7 seats Conservative 3 seats Plaid Cymru 1 seat

There are 4 parties above which took a clear stance. The others are about as clear as a very fuzzy thing. They will be The Brexit Party, Liberal Democtrate, Plaid Cymru and Green. The others are either on the fence or unclear about where they stand on the subject. So to sum it up:-
Leave 28 MEPs
Remain 23 MEPs
Unclear policies (which may be described as being parties in favour of seeking compromise) 13 MEPs

Something which I really don't get is how the PR system, used in Europe is in any way proportional representation. If it were so, then we would have a small majority of MEPs who favour Remain.

It's of great interest to me that the parties we hear on TV this morning are trying to make claims on grounds which, to me at least, just don't make sense. So many pundits and party representatives are trying to make more of the vote than seems reasonable to me.

I have to admit, in my usual balanced way, that in shear numbers, there were more voters vlearly voting for Remain than there were for Leave. They numbered 154,665. Whilst a minute number, in the grand scheme of things, I do recognise that the difference represents a small majority in favour of Remain. Unlike the pundits, I am not going to claim that means something other than what it is. A majority is a majority, however small. The only truthfull way to interpret this election is that the nation is, almost equally, divided in it's opinion.

What I would seek to divine from this is something which I think has probably pretty clear for many months is that the public is sick and weary of Brexit being splashed all over the media and going nowhere. Every day I hear the opinion being expressed "there is no point in voting because they just ignore us and it makes no difference what I think or say". I find that terribly sad and not a little disturbing. They really aught to have a deep think about that! That way really does lead to the failure of democracy.

The next thing to watch for, not just today but over the coming weeks, is the result of the Tory leadership election. The big question is whether it will reflect the outcome of the European elections. Frankly, that will (or should) tell us quite a lot about the Tory party itself.

Here's a big question. What would be best to do when democracy brings up a clear and harsh division of opinion in the electrorate? I would love to have some kind of calm debate on that question.

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